Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc.

Covenant services to our company has come a long way since 1997. The relationship is not of a simple customer and service provider, rather it has blossomed into a great partnership. Our Management and Covenant have helped each other ensuring the growth of our people not just for work but also as family people. Our people have grown to high-level thinkers, possessing discipline & determination while maintaining compassion and simplicity. Their true potentials have been tapped with Covenant’s unique and tested approach.

Covenant is very customer-oriented. They are characterized by quick response when we need them. They are literally one call/text/email away and they never failed to give us prompt response. Another way to describe them is they give regular feedback every time we have a program running. This has helped us a lot in tracking and evaluating our programs.

This company will not be left behind. They easily adapt to our needs as well as the changing environment of business. They have up-to-date perspective, paradigms, techniques and tools, without leaving behind their roots, which is being able to touch people’s lives through their hearts.

Lastly, what’s most appreciated with Covenant is their hands-on approach in assuring progress through constant follow-ups and direct communication with our employees. Their customer service and support goes beyond our contract.

John Michael P. Torres
HR – Department Head

After a year of observing their performances, we were able to save on the salaries of the employees using the multi-task technology of 5S System. Also the regular maintenance and monitoring of the equipments, we were able to avoid a lot of breakdown of the units.

Furthermore, the rotation of the janitor on their designated areas have further boost the morale of the employees to be more responsible in their own assigned areas, whether they are keeping it clean and continuous working at all times.

The electrical use of the hallway lights and other areas was being managed very well, that we were able to save on the electricity bill.
The timing of the on and off of the air conditioning units in various areas through the advice of the Consultants was able to maintain a smooth flow of cool air in the mall.

In short, it was a great help to our company. As a whole, for having Consultants to improve our management system, we were able to save a lot of time, money and delays,

Lastly, we are confident that their company has the expertise and complete knowledge on how to settle all the concern of Employees upgrading, right approach for the maintenance of the equipments and smooth operation of the company as a whole. Also they are on call 24/7 for emergency cases because they put their heart in their commitment for the success of their client, as their own.

Thank you and God Bless.

Mr. Joey Tanyao
Chief Executive Officer

Philippine Manufacturing Corporation

Covenant Consultants International, Inc. provides a high guaranteed results of training. Their long time partnership with our company would mean great satisfaction in the delivery of their training services as they offered timely and customized programs. 

We always consider them with dependency for the improvement of our employees, development of new programs and strengthening communication in our organization.

They treat their clients as partners and sustain harmonious relationship with professionalism. We patronize and will still continue to build stronger link with them as our means for more business success and development.

Shirly Fauni
General Manager

DATABLITZ Your Total Gaming & Multimedia Store

I have had experiences with other training companies in the past, but what sets Covenant Consultants International, Inc. apart from the rest, is that they put their heart in every details and in every page. They value their clients like a shepherd cares for his flock. It is never superficial, they want to make sure that they are able to touch the core of the participants.

With Covenant Consultants, you are guaranteed that the service they offer is a partnership. They keep in touch, they ensure follow ups, and they never fail to deliver 🙂

Amor Abalahin
HR Manager

Heavenly Products Incorporated

Covenant Consultants International Inc. are professional and efficient consultants in upgrading employee performance and aligning them with company objectives and principles. 

It is a blessing and a great help to have Covenant Consultants on our side. It has improved and raised our team members to the next level through effective coaching, and personalized training programs. They envision success and set team members to excel and give optimum performance in their areas of responsibilities.

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we have Covenant Consultants to partner with as we expand and grow. Definitely recommend them for warehouse, operations and sales training to companies who seek to be more effective, efficient and optimize their resources.

Jacqueline Dy
EVP & Marketing

Kabalikat sa Hanapbuhay Multi-Purpose Cooperative (KHMPC)

We are blessed having Covenant Consultant International Inc. (CCII) to be our training partner and consultant. Their engagement with us shows greater impact in the lives of our Process Leaders and Coordinators, because their approach in formulating and conducting a training program is holistic. It deals not only in the technical side but it touches the heart of the trainees that makes them feel valued in the organization. 

One thing I like with them is their creativity and craftsmanship in preparing personalizes training materials. Their willingness to give time to follow-up and extend counseling even outside the training hours makes me feel comfortable that all my Process Leaders and Coordinators are in the safe hand of CCII. 

Further, I am praying that our partnership will last for a long time to be able to develop more efficient and dedicated employees valuing their presence in the each organization they belong.

Long live CCII

Mr. June Belen
General Manager

Moriroku Philippines, Inc.

We are truly grateful for having Covenant Consultants as our trainer. You have embarked high spirits and bring the best to our people not only in the behavioral aspect but most specially in touching their hearts that makes them feel their true essence in the organization.

I deeply appreciate your craftsmanship in the personalized training materials. Each moment is well treasured by the participants.

Your dedication and support is really exceptional. May you continue to be a blessing to every organization.

Arlene Veluz
Finance and Admin Manager

I had the pleasure of having Covenant Consultant as our training provider back in 2008-2009 and in 2014 in different companies where I was the Training in charge.
The trainings were:

  • all thought out well
  • materials were customized
  • topics were never boring

Speakers were:

  • full of energy; never a dull moment
  • God Centered

Owner/Staff were:

  • Very easy to talk to
  • Rate was not an issue; willing to compromise when budget was a problem
  • Would make a follow-up after the training and asked about improvements
    on the trainees

I would always recommend Covenant Consultant to friends because I know that they will get their money’s worth. CC always makes the extra mile for the client and somehow end up being your friend for life.

Ms. Arlene Dizon
HR & Admin Assistant Manager

Teambuilding facilitated by CCI is highly recommended. Speakers are great and ice breakers are enjoyable. Materials are attractive and nice. Objectives of having this activity were met. To bind the group, so that they get to know each other and begin having a sense of team and to establish a positive team culture, the beliefs, values and norms of behavior.

Ms. Kristine Nolasco
HR Manager

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